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ridiculous names for wi-fi networks.

d0mi-nation asked: story time: i was searching for wifi at a cafe and of course there were the 'creative names' like FBI van. now I laughed this off, but my friend started freaking out. I told her it was just a joke and that a real FBI van wouldn't be stupid enough to set their wifi name to that. She then proceeded to point out a suspicious looking van outside, it had been there the whole time we had. It then proceeded to drive away (not without hitting a pole first) and then the wifi was gone! creepy right.


silent-metal asked: So... tell me what's your wi-fi's name, i bet it's ridiculous :P

The name of my network is Fuzzball, named after my cat. :)


The Rejects

For the last year or so, I’ve been posting screenshots of wifi networks that are funny to me for one reason or another, and I’ve posted a lot of good submissions along the way too. I’ve also rejected a lot of submissions, either because I think they’re not quite funny enough, they’re too offensive, or they’re repeats of wifi names that have already been posted. Those rejected submissions have backed up to a point where I think it’s only fair to post them in one big post, separated by categories, so, here you go.

Repeats Department (shits already been posted):
- Pretty Fly For a Wifi (5 submissions)
- FBI Surveillance Van
- Wu-Tang LAN

Protect Ya Net Department (aka the Paranoids):
- No! You’re not stealing my wifi!
- No free wifi for you
- freewifi…NOT.shitslockedupTIGHT
- freeinternetmybutt
- Fuck Off My Internet
- ni**a get yo own wifi
- Get Your Own Wifi Ni**a

Beavis & Butthead Department (hehe you said ‘tits’):
- Tits on Waffles
- Beautiful Fucking Tits, Man
- tittySprinkles
- Titty Shakers
- ( . )( . ) Boobies
- b( . )( . )bs
- B( . )( . )BIES 24
- pussygobblers
- Massive Cock
- Hot Spicy Boners
- Dick Wranglers
- ()()=======D——(face)
- DansLEFTtesticle
- 3hooker&an8ball
- whorehouse
- Drunk White Bitch
- YouLikeAnalSex
- AnalAdventures
- Ultimate Porn Network
- Im watching porn

Anger Management Department (aka the Paranoids pt 2):
- fuck off
- Go Fuck Yourself
- Up Yours

Unnecessarily Offensive Deparment (not cool man):
- Honest Hitlers Industrial Ovens
- 4thFlrLadyCockBlockedKoreanHoes
- TeenCumDumpster
- AbortedNi**erFetus

Random Department (just…not… funny….enough):
- Cat Lady Internet
- Hail Seitan
- fun DMC
- Dishonor on Your Cow
- brosef stalin
- No Muggles
- Unicorn Zebra Inferno
- Big Bad D Bag
- Ahhh! Zombies!
- Mind Control Device
- Fuck Nintendo Wii

Thanks to everyone who’s been submitting, keep it up!